My name is Mark Chapman-Coombs, I am the owner and lead tutor at Treetops Tutoring  here in Parksville, BC.  With over a decade of experience working with  children and young adults who live with a variety of neurological  challenges, I have built upon my expertise and knowledge of Special  Education to create a unique program, designed to fit any academic  or  behavioural needs that a student may have.

Having worked and trained both here in Canada and in Europe, I firmly believe that each student is a unique individual who deserves 100% of my commitment, preparation and attention. Whether you are looking for a  head start for a young child with special academic needs, support for a child finding it difficult to stay focused in the  classroom or some extra support for a youth working towards completing  Grade 12, my proven track record is available to children of all ages and abilities

I cover all areas of the curriculum including Math, Language Arts and Social Studies. I also Tutor English as a Second Language.

About Us


Treetops is one of a kind classroom built into my home in the leafy suburbs of Parksville. Students arrive at their appointed time and  have their one-to-one tutoring session with me. These sessions can last  between one and four hours in length and are structured in a way that  meets the needs of the individual student. The learning that takes place  is based upon a specified curriculum pre-planned with the child's  parent or guardian.

A session at Treetops isn't just about the academics. Each one is a  deliberately structured social lesson too. This allows the student the  ability and freedom to access and build upon social skills and interact  in a non-judgemental environment. This can be great for a student's self  esteem and allows them to feel more confident when engaging with peers  and adults in future social situations. Not to mention the added  benefits of accessing the learning side of their tutoring sessions! 

I like to work with parents at length to create the most rewarding lesson plan for each student. I believe that all round communication is key and I update parents on their child’s progress via an email  bulletin after each session at Treetops.