My name is Mark, I am a British-born and raised private tutor living in Parksville, BC. I have always enjoyed helping others learn, so after college I started working as an Education Assistant, primarily in residential programs and private schools for students who have been diagnosed with neurological and/or behavioural challenges -  in a classroom setting.  I soon learned that although I loved being an EA, working exclusively with a student suited me better than being in front of large groups of students all day .


"Tutoring students with special learning needs is a privilege..."

After immigrating to Canada, I spent a few years working in the non-profit sector as a lead tutor. I learned a lot, but I really wanted to give one-to-one tutoring a try. That’s when I decided to branch out (pun intended) on my own by starting Treetops Tutoring in 2013.

I thoroughly enjoy helping students here on the Island, across the country and around the world from the convenience of their own home and mine. I enjoy working with my students one-on-one to help them understand a subject a little bit better each session and to watch their confidence in themselves grow. I have created a unique learning environment that is tailored to suit the needs of every student that walks through my door.  I am so grateful to do what I love!


"And, I love learning!"

Having worked and trained both here in Canada and in the UK, I firmly believe that each student is a unique individual and deserves 100% of my commitment, preparation and attention. Whether you are looking for a head start for a young child with special academic needs, support for a child finding it difficult to remain focused in the classroom or some extra support for a youth working towards completing Grade 12, my proven track record is available to children of all ages and abilities.



· Over 12 years of experience tutoring 100+ students

· Diploma in Special Education 

· Diploma in Educational Psychology

· Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language

· First Aid Certified

· Regularly updated Criminal Records Check

· Parent of two teenage boys!



Treetops is one of a kind classroom built into my home in the leafy suburbs of Parksville. Students arrive at their appointed time and have their one-to-one tutoring session with me. These sessions can last between 1-4 hours in length and are structured in a way that meets the needs of the individual student. The learning that takes place is based upon a specified curriculum previously discussed with the child's parent, guardian or homeschool provider.


"Let's get you a guide... a Tutor!"

A session at Treetops isn't just about the academics. Each class is a  deliberately structured social lesson too. This allows the student the ability and freedom to confidently build upon social skills and interact in a non-judgemental environment. This can be great for a student's self esteem and allows them to feel more confident when engaging with peers and adults in future social situations. 


I like to work closely with parents and students to create the most rewarding lesson plan that suits them. I believe that all round communication is key and I update parents on their child’s progress via an email bulletin after each of their lessons at Treetops.


  • I love local food! Most weekends you’ll find me at one of the awesome farmers markets here in Oceanside. Just don’t ask me to cook; this is one area where I could use a tutor!

  • In my free time, when I’m not tutoring, I’m usually geeking out over the latest Superhero or scary movie; I am a huge Superman nerd! Coffee being my own personal Kryptonite! I also love books and browsing the local second hand book stores!

  • Spending time with my family and friends or getting out and exploring this amazing island with my two dogs is where you will likely find me during my days off!