JOHN BOWMAN, President, North Island College, Courtenay, BC

"During my long career in educational  administration and leadership, I have worked with many outstanding teachers and facilitators. Mark  is one of the most dedicated and competent educators I have encountered.   Mark is highly professional, personable and a strong advocate for his students and the special education field in general. I recommend him highly as someone who stays focused on the needs of learners and what he can do to help them be successful." 

KERI CHAPDELAINE, M.Sc., BCBA. Behaviour Analyst, Salish Sea Behaviour Consulting, Nanaimo, BC

"I have worked with Mark in an educational setting on and off since 2011 and continue to do so in my capacity as a Behavioural Analyst.  Mark is like Superman when it comes to working with kids – it’s like he can read their minds! I highly recommend his tutoring services for any parent or student out there that is seeking a calm, nurturing learning environment." 

SHARON, Parksville, Student's Parent

"Mark at Treetops is just great. Passionate in what he does, patient with kids (& fun!) offers a welcoming and professional environment for all. What I appreciate most, whilst sending my son for tutoring, is the in-depth email correspondence I receive after every single sessions. Can't rave about the guy enough!"

TEGAN, Parksville, Student Parent

"My kids have grown so much over their time with Mark, especially in  confidence and self esteem towards academics. They are all smiles on the  way to and from their sessions. They always have some tidbit of info to  share about their session or ask to “play math!” Love it!"

CHRIS, Errington, Student's Parent

"My son has greatly benefited from Mark's tutoring and  this is reflected in his school marks. He is more confident now with doing his school work and he enjoys working with Mark. "

ANDREA, Cedar, Student's Parent

"Mark's tutoring service has been invaluable to our child and we would  recommend it to anyone.  Due to specific challenges, our child has had a  difficult time learning in a traditional classroom setting.  Mark has  allowed for our child's learning to continue despite that. Mark has the  knowledge and experience necessary to understand our child's needs and  has been able to continuously adapt and strategize as those needs  change.  

Mark has a kind, positive, non-threatening approach and this  has allowed our child to feel safe and secure.  Thus, allowing for an environment where our child has been able to learn and find successes.  Mark is thorough in his feedback from each session and has been  incredibly supportive.  I am truly grateful that Mark is our child's  tutor and we feel incredibly lucky to have found him. 

We asked our  child, "What would you say about Mark if you were going to tell someone  else about him?" and the immediate response "Mark is the best tutor in  the world".  

GENEVIEVE, Nanaimo, Student's Parent

"When we found out that our son was dyslexic, we looked for a tutor who would be strong enough to help him. We found Mark and it was a true blessing! Our son was having panic attacks over school, which showed how overwhelmed he was with academics. We started working with Mark less then a year ago and our son's progress is amazing. Mark built a very strong confidence bond with our son that allowed him to progress through his anxiety as well as his academics. 

We worked with many tutors over the years and no one compares to the work Mark could do with our son: not only in every area of the academic curriculum, but also socially and emotionally. Our boy has no more anxiety and feels the consistency in his progression in school through each session he has with Mark. He even said a few weeks ago "I feel so much more confident and less anxious going to school since I am seeing Mark." 

We were so happy with Mark's works that we registered our daughter at Treetops as well. Mark works with her on her organizational skills and homework. She has been doing so much better in school since she started with Mark that we referred him to many of our friends. Our family feels so much more relaxed in regards to school since we are working with Mark. Our son started his tutoring classes at Treetops in the Spring of  2015 and he still goes once a week for an hour to work on his homework. Thank you Mark!." 


"A year ago we were not even sure I could get through the Grade 11/12  work, but on June 6th 2014, I graduated Grade 12! I am not at all sure  that I could have done any of it without Mark's tutoring to help me  through the Communications 12, PE, Work Experience and Accounting work.  The work would cause me so much anxiety that I found it hard to process  any of the information. Thanks again Mark!" 

LINDA, Extension, Student's Parent

"I would highly recommend Mark.  He is an amazing, caring individual and  mentor for any one of any age.  I have a special needs son with major  behavior issues and Mark always knows how to achieve positive results  when working with him" 

MONICA, Nanaimo, Student's Parent

"After searching for a couple of years, looking for the right support, I had the pleasure to meet Mark. He has been tutoring my son for a  year now and I couldn't be happier. Mark has the patience, care and sense of humor that my son needed. My son's confidence has improved and  so his marks! Mark has great knowledge and professionalism. He tutors with care and he is always positive, bringing new ideas, going beyond my  expectations. I feel lucky to have found him and highly recommend him." 

CATHY, Nanaimo, Student's Parent

"Mark has been my son's tutor for almost 3 years.  He has been more than  a tutor he has been a mentor and a role model for our son. His caring  manner and patience and kindness makes a wonderful environment for your  child to learn.  I feel so fortunate to have Mark in our lives and in my  son's life." 


"As a former student of his. I would refer Mark to anyone who needed a tutor because Mark helped get me on the honor roll and helped me achieve A’s and B’s in Math which I wasn’t very good at in the beginning. Mark took so much time to help me get through the work like missing gym time, staying back from walks and took me to a quieter place if I couldn’t focus properly. And without Mark’s help I don’t think I would have been able to graduate high school."


"My son was just getting by doing the bare minimum when Mark became his tutor. In just a couple short months his grades improved drastically and he was soon on the honor roll for the first time ever. Mark was incredibly caring with my son’s special needs and helped build his confidence so he could take tests without the struggles he had always had in the past. Mark is a very effective and professional tutor I would highly recommend."


"I believe that our son and daughter were Mark's first students when he started his tutoring business. We went on to have online tutoring classes through Treetops and they were also a great success. To this day our son still talks about how awesome he was and how much he learned with Mark. Highly recommended!"