Children  develop and learn at different rates. Some have difficulty learning to  read, write and process or retain important information and may need the  assistance of a Special Education Tutor. Other students learn more easily, but  may require more behavioural orientated strategies to help them to  better focus in a sensory stimulating learning environment such as a public school classroom. 

At Treetops I offer a variety of special education services designed to meet a wide range of needs.


I have the experience needed to work with a diverse spectrum of learning  challenges. Students with ADHD, and even those with diagnosed emotional disabilities, can benefit from my one-on-one interactions as a skilled tutor. I can also improve educational outcomes for students  with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Students are far more likely to improve and succeed in their learning if they feel secure, confident and happy that their individual needs are being met.  As a Special Education Tutor, I recognize this and modify my teaching  approach accordingly. I have a  compassionate nature and many years of experience working with a wide range of learning abilities. 


From Kindergarten to Adult Grad. I have supported Grade 1 students who require a little extra academic or organizational assistance and several Grade 12  students, working with them to improve their grades through their final  year of high school. And all the grades in between!


If your child  is struggling in a particular subject area, I can provide the learning reinforcement required to guide them through the process. By reviewing the material over and over again, looking at it from other perspectives, using techniques and strategies designed to support  their specific learning needs, they have a better chance of  retaining the necessary information to successfully move forward. 


While helping  students with their work and methods of working, I implement strategies and  techniques to help them establish successful study and organizational habits that are  suitable to their ability level. It is important that students develop strong  study skills as early on as possible. However, older students with  learning disabilities can still learn new ways of improving their study skills. I can assist with supporting new  methods of studying and advise on ways that studying in the home can be  improved. 


Students  with learning challenges can get easily  frustrated when working on homework assignments. That frustration can cause them to lose interest and confidence in their working abilities. I can keep students motivated  through on-going and supportive encouragement. When a student begins to  complete homework assignments correctly more often - without extra support - they  feel confident within themselves,about school in general and their grades  improve. Study groups and homework clubs are regularly organized throughout the  year at Treetops.


I provide students with guidance and productive solutions when facing  literacy challenges. I am committed to ensuring that the importance and  enjoyment of literacy and the English language are accessed by all children and youth, regardless of their ability level. I have worked  with many international students whose first language is not English,  helping them to build on their verbal and written English skills. For both academic and social purposes. I am certified to tutor English as a second language (ESL).


If students require an alternative curriculum, better suited to their level of  understanding. I can make those accommodations. I am very  familiar with IEP’s (Individualized Education Program) and can make  sure that the student's curriculum aligns to requirements established by  the child’s school district, distance learning program or parents preferences. I have worked with many home school programs and private education organizations over the years and welcome a productive support team environment that will benefit the student in their long term learning goals.


The  personal attention a student with learning disabilities receives from a  tutor can do wonders to bolster their self-esteem. With every academic achievement, even a small one, they feel more confident in their own capabilities. Tutoring is about more than the academics, it is  about helping students to become better students and to enjoy learning, encouraging them to be more positive about learning in the future. 

Effective  tutoring for students with special needs requires a compassionate and  understanding tutor. It is important that tutoring takes place in a  location that is comfortable for the student. Treetops provides the right  learning environment and the right tutor, there is no reason students  with learning disabilities can not excel in all areas of their lives.